Thursday, September 08, 2011

My 2011 Fall TV Show list

New Shows: (in no particular order)

Revenge - because Emily VanCamp is lovely as hell. Hopefully, it’s ratings will survive that of CSI and SVU.

The Playboy Club - Chicago. Nuff said. And Amber Heard.

New Girl - Zooey Deschanel.

Person of Interest - haven’t seen the promos but it’s by Abrams.

The Secret Circle - not really my cup of tea but Brittany Robertson is in it.

Whitney - She seems to be funny.

Charlie’s Angel - the title speaks for itself.

Grimm - it’s about a detective protecting humanity from fairy tale characters. Hmmm…

2 Broke Girls - Kat Dennings.

Suburtagory - comedy about a single dad with a 16-year-old daughter moving to the ‘burbs for a better life. I need more comedy in my life.

American Horror Story - we need a scary sometimes.

Free Agents - looks funny.

Homeland (Showtime) - because Mandy Patinkin, who played Jason Gideon on Criminal Minds is in it.

Once upon a time - Snow White is real! So is the evil queen. Jennifer Morrison is in it.

Prime Suspect - I wanna see how this will differ from the rest of the detective shows on tv.

Unforgettable - Poppy Montgomery as a red head, former NYPD detective who possesses the special ability to remember everything.

Up all night - Christina Applegate and Will Arnett. Cmon now.

Midseason Shows

The 2-2 - gritty cop drama follows six NYPD rookies as they attempt to find a balance between their personal lives and the beat on the streets of Manhattan. Leelee Sobieski is in it.

Alcatraz - show about an investigation into the sudden reappearance of inmates and guards who mysteriously disappeared from the prison some 30 years prior.

Awake - Inception-style thriller about an injured cop who wakes from an accident to find himself living in two separate realities: one in which his wife perished in a car crash, the other in which he lost his son.

Returning Shows





Criminal Minds - Im so glad that JJ and Emily are back

Blue Blood


Happy Endings

Hawaii 5-O

The Mentalist



The Walking Dead



Gawd, I’ll need more space.

Revenge: A quick review

Revenge is a dish best served cold. And it helps if the server is a beautiful, rich and smart person like Emily Thorne played by the lovely Emily VanCamp. It’s a story about how she will take down the people who betrayed for father when she was still a young child. Her main mark, Victoria Grayson, Queen of the Hamptons played by Madeleine Stowe. Queen Victoria is one cold hearted bitch and someone you don’t want to mess with, as shown in the first episode of the series.

Pilot episode got me hooked. How she took down one of people responsible for destroying her family was well played. I’m curious as to how she’d get her revenge on the rest. The show is up against CSI and Law & Order: SVU. The competition is tough but i think this show will hold its own. Let’s hope that the ratings will back me up.

This is not a story about forgiveness. There will be no “I’m sorry” in the end. And I doubt that Victoria will just bend over and accept what is coming to her. This is gonna get dirt.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Snow Land Adventuuuuure!

Photo from

First, a shout out to the brave men and women of the Chicago Fire Department, Chicago Police Department, City of Chicago Streets & Sanitation, Members of the Media and to the rest of Chicagoan who went out of their ways to help out other people. Cheers!

I left work around 3-ish. You all know about the last minute meeting I had. I was supposed to leave around 2 but that didn't happen. 3pm was the time that the blizzard was said to hit Chicago. Before I left the office, I told my coworker "Is it weird that I'm actually excited about walking out there?" I know most of you already think I’m weird but I mean... Anyways, she didn't really answer me, so I smiled at went on my way. I love the snow. It's the wind chill that's a bitch. The soft feeling when it lands on your face, the fluffiness of it and the joy it brings. Every time it snows, I feel like a child again. Like I want to play outside and throw snowballs around. It brings back memories from when I was a kid growing up. This was before my mother "deported" me to the Philippines. I remember I was studying at St. Gregory (I think they changed the school to an IS or something) and we were playing in the school yard when my African-American classmate was running towards me with snow in his hands and shoved it to my face. It got in my eyes and that's all I’m saying. Back to the present. So I walked out of the building and waited for the bus. It didn't take that long for the bus to arrive but the traffic had already started. Cars were moving like turtles in one single line. Bus wasn't packed. It got to Midway after 30-40 minutes. It usually takes half that time. The bus terminal was full of people trying to get home early. The trains, on the other hand, were almost empty. There weren’t that much people on the Orange Line heading to The Loop but the Brown line traveling to Kimball was a different story. It was packed like a can of spam. Everyone was trying to avoid the arriving blizzard. The carts were so packed; I couldn't read my book while standing up. You think that when people got off, there would be more space but no, because when they got out a new batch of passengers would come in and take their places. I was surprise that my commute time was still the same, 2 hours. CTA was prepared for the weather and didn't have any delays. At least for my commute.

After getting off the train, I decided to walk the rest of the way home. Snow was already being dumped on Chicago and the wind was blowing really hard. The snow that was on the ground was being blown up back in to the air by the strong winds. Some of it landed on my exposed face. It felt like I was in a desert but instead of sand, snow was flying everywhere. Not that I’ve been in a desert, I just saw it in the movies and that's what it looks like. I almost got pushed down by the wind a couple of times. Since the wind was coming from behind, it wasn't that hard to breathe unlike when the wind is blowing into your face. I got home safe and sound. I showered, changed my clothes and made dinner. My neighborhood didn't lose electricity so I was able to watch the news. After that I went to bed.

Feb 2 Wednesday

I woke up at 6 am to see if I could go to work. I turned on the TV to watch the news and the condition outside. The snow has already reached more than 10 inches by that time. I found out that the Brown Line had stopped services from Kimball to Western since those parts of the tracks were on ground level. There was no way I was going to work even though it was double pay; I decided to get more sleep. Before going to bed, I peeked out my window and the snow was starting to reach the lower part of my door. Woke up again around 9 am and made breakfast. Watched the news again to see that the conditions haven't really improved. It only got much worst. Snow was still coming down and piling up even more.

I knew that going outside wasn't a great idea but being the curious and stubborn SOB that I am, I got dressed and when outside anyways. Even though the newscasters kept on warns us not go outside if you don’t have to, it didn't stop me from getting my coffee. And like what Jan (@aphrodite) and @gilbz say on plurk, “ADVENTUUUUUUUUUUUUUURE" (at least I think we have the same meaning in mind), which it was. I peeking out again and the snow was already blocking the lower part of the screen door. I had to give it a good push just to open it. My first step outside, my foot sunk into the soft snow. I don’t think I was stepping on the actual concrete. When I got outside the gates, I saw that almost everything was white. Cars and trucks were buried and side streets were filled with untouched snow. You could see a few people starting to shovel their sidewalks. I proceeded to go on my way and get me some coffee at DD which was like 6 blocks away from my apartment. Every step I took was a challenge. My boots would disappear into the snow. The snow was up to my shin. It brought back memories of walking on the muddy fields in the farming lands in the province. Imagine you were on the rice fields after the rain. Every step you took felt like the mud grabbing onto your feet and not letting go. Now imagine the mud was white. And soft. And cold. That's how every step felt like.

When I got on Lawrence Ave, which is usually a busy street at anytime of the day, the street was empty save for a few cars. People were walking on the streets and not on the sidewalks because of the knee high snow. And some of them were walking with shovels resting on their shoulders. I saw this one guy who had a cap on that made him look like one of the seven dwarfs from Snow White (How appropriate). I pictured him marching on his way while singing "Hi Ho Hi Ho. Off to work we go". Me, being a child trapped in a 28 yr old body, I threw caution to the wind and proceeded to walk on the snow-filled sidewalk just for kicks. I didn't go sink all the way down. Like earlier, my boots sunk into the snow, up to my shin. There were parts they were already half shoveled like by McDonald's but the rest as still high. I got to DD and order my coffee. I stayed for a good 30 minutes before leaving. Snow was still falling and the winds still strong. There was a group of teenagers taking pictures in the snow, posing for every shot. I even over heard one of them say he hasn't seen so much snow in his entire fucking life. I caught up to a Filipino couple walking in front of me. They stopped to take a picture when the lady told her husband, "Dito. Pikturan mo ko dito. Siguraduhin mong halatang ako yan ha. Lalagay ko sa Facebook para makita nila sa atin" (Here. Take my picture here. Make sure I’m recognized. I’m going to put that on Facebook so they can see it back home). I walked pass them and smiled to myself. I took a little detour and walked on one of the side streets to go around. The scene was amazing. Horrible if you disagree with me. Imagine yourself in a maze and the wall is waist high and made of snow. That's how that particular sidewalk looked like. A few residents were already done clearing out their part and you could see the concrete. They used snow blowers, which made it easy for them. On the other side of the street, kids were playing around. They were throwing snowballs around while other kids were jumping into the thick, fluffy and cold snow.

As I made my way through, a group of young boys were talking about targeting a house. Not to rob, but to shovel the snow and charge the owners 50 bucks. With that much snow, I’ll probably charge a hundred. Not that I would do it, of course. I mean I didn't even do mine. Our landlord hired some guy to do it while they were away. Going back to my walk, I ended up by the school's playground, which is a close to my apartment. I just watched while families were having a great time playing. They were laughing like they had no worries whatsoever. After a few minutes, I decided to head towards my place. I could see my neighbors starting to shovel and trying to figure out how to get their cars free from the snow around it. I haven't seen the people who live around me like this, everybody on the streets at one time. Helping each other out. I've seen a couple of them but we didn't really say anything to one another. We would just nod and went on our own ways. Some of them I didn't even know lived on my street. Like the ladies that live at the building next to my apartment. Megan was doing the clearing while Tess watched, laughed and took pictures. I asked Megan if she needed help. She wasn't really doing any progress with it. She hand me the shovel and introduced herself and her girlfriend. I just had to ask if what she meant by girlfriend was a friend that's a girl or as a partner. Megan gave me that "You have a problem with that" look and I said I just wanted to clarify so I won’t try to hit on you. She gave me a pat on the shoulder and said I’m not her type. And I answered her "I think I know why" then smiled. She laughed at me and said they were partners. I apologized for sounding like an ass and said I got like that when it's cold. They lived in the building for about 6 months, she said. Tess went up to get coffee and offered me some, which I took of course. I finished shoveling and asked if I could borrow it for the mean time so I could help out other people and charge them. She looked at me weird as if I was going to charge her. I said I was joking and she let me borrow it and I told her I return it after.

I helped out my other neighbors and finally got to meet some of them. Once we were able to get parts cleared, some when in to get lunch. The wind was still blowing the snow around. Other people still shoving while other drivers still think they could drive through the heavy snow on the other street. I just stood there and watched. I guess you can say I was people watching and snow watching. Before heading back in myself, I did what I’ve wanted to do all day long. And that was to do a Nestea in to the snow. I dropped, back first to the snow. I went to a different spot and did a snow angel. I stayed down for a bit, got up, looked at my snow angel and smiled. Then I remembered there was a fire hydrant somewhere in the spot. I just shrugged. Like I said, the snow makes me feel like a child again. I felt my tummy rumble and went inside with a grin on my face. This blizzard is now part of Chicago's weather history and I was there.

And during the time I was typing this (9:34 pm), I haven't returned the shovel.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Storm Story: Chicago Edition

Photo from Chicago Tribune

For the past days, storms have been rolling in and out of Chicago. And last night was no exception. Before I got out of the office, it was already dark as night but it was only 5 pm. As I was waiting for the 5:45 bus, tiny rain drops started to fall.

“Thank God the bus arrived before the rain poured” said one person waiting with me at the bus stop. And as though on cue, the rain poured as I entered the train station. It was raining a million cats and dogs. Luckily, the platform had a roof over it but the rain was being blown in from the side. People were running into the trains as not to get wet. After 5 minutes, the train departed from the station and was on to the next stop. You couldn’t see anything outside expect the raindrops hitting hard on the windows and the lightings in the far distance. The train was swaying left to right because of the strong winds. There were old folks that come from Midway Airport that were holding on for dear life. Grandma was complaining to Grandpa on why she thought coming to Chitown was, in her own sweet words, “a bad fucking idea”. Grandpa’s face was saying what his lips couldn’t, “I know, I know. Quit bitching already.” A group of teenagers were whipping out their cameras and taking their pictures with the storm as a background. “This is sooooooooo going on facebook” says one of them.

Halfway into the Pulaski station, the train stops. For about ten minutes we stood there while the wind was hauling outside. For the first time silence filled the train car. Then a voice comes from the train’s speaker. The driver was asking the passengers to not open the train doors. The driver moved the train to align it with the platform. You could see CTA workers running up and down the platform. There was no explanation as to why we stopped.

“This doesn’t look good” said Julie, who flew in from Arizona to be with friends in Chicago. She said she hasn’t seen anything like it. That she was curious and scared at the same time. Close by passengers started to express their fears and worries. Others shared their own storm stories. Julie, who as sitting next to me asked about my experience with storms, I told her I’ve seen worst and been in worst storms than this one. I told them stories about storms in the Philippines and being stuck in one back the 90’s. In the middle of our story telling, the AC and lights were turned off. The teenagers started to panic, screaming OMG, OMG. The driver announced the reason for the stop; debris was on the tracks of the train. Voices got loud, most of it were cursing. I told Julie that she choose a bad time to fly in. She blamed her friend for it. But she said this was a new thing for her. And for some odd reason, she’s ok with it and then gives me a pretty smile. We chatted more, got to know each other while everyone was calling their loved ones and friends, complaining about the storm and everything else. CTA finally said that the train cannot move any further until the storm stops. They had empty buses waiting downstairs for those who were heading downtown. As we were moving from train to the bus, we could see CTA workers taking pictures of the storm with their camera phone. I helped Julie with her stuff (why she had 2 small luggage is beyond me). We were both glad with how CTA handled the situation. We got onboard and talked some more.

Outside, the storm seemed to be letting up. It was still dark and still raining but not as hard as it did earlier. Fire trucks, Patrol cars and Ambulances were running on the streets. The bus was running for about 30 minutes when we stop. One of the roads was flooded and the cars in front of us wouldn’t pass through the flood. We were stuck once again. The bus driver said that we were going to head back to the station, the trains were working again. Others cheered while some continue to drop F bombs like it was the 4th of July. Julie was relieved. She said she didn’t want to see the city this way. I told her that tomorrow promised to be a better day.

So we got back to the station and boarded another train. This time, the ride when smoothly. The driver kept on apologizing for the inconvenience, even though it wasn’t their fault. Outside, it was still raining but the winds dead down a bit. It didn’t sway the train car anymore. Julie’s stop was approaching. She got up and thanked me for everything. We gave me her number and said she’ll be in town till Sunday. Said I should call her and she gave me other smile. She pulled her stuff near the door and said goodbye before exiting the train. I looked at her through the window as the train continued its route.

This was probably one of the few times I was happy about a storm. Most of the time, I’d be cursing at the weather but this time was different. Why? You do the math. And if there’s anything that amazes me with all that had happened last night, it is the fact that I didn’t get wet during this storm.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Job Hunting...

is a bitch. Most especially in this cold weather. And blogging while applying online won't help either.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

saw my life flash before my eyes

i was driving home when a car on the other side of the road started to skid and collide with two cars in front of me. i was that close but when i tried to hit my brakes, the car kept on going because of the snow and ice on the road. i had to turn the wheel all the way to the right. with car still sliding i thought i was gonna hit the cars in front of me. since i was pulling to the right, i ended up spinning and stopped on the side walk. good thing there was on people or posts or anything. no one was seriously hurt. in the other cars. i was able move my car to the right side and sorta help the other people. im still a bit shaken by it though.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Imagine there's no Heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world

You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one

Monday, December 07, 2009

The phone call i thought i'd never get. ever.

phone rings at 9:30 in the morning. Unknown number.
i was hesitant to pick up but curious as to who was calling.
i answered:

Me: Hello?
Caller: Good morning, this is Robert Miller, P.I.
Me: P.I.? As in Private Investigator? Are you kidding me?
*checked the number again. it had a different area code*
Caller: Yes, sir. and no, this isn't a prank call. Is this *says thespitsmaster's real name*
Me: Unfortunately, yes. what is this about?
Caller: Hello there, how are you today?
Me: Let's cut the bullshit, please. You didn't call for small talk. What is this about?
Caller: I'm calling in behalf of your father. I was hired to look for you.
Me: I'm sorry, but did you say "my father"?!
Caller: Yes, Mr. *insert father's name here*
Me: you're shitting me, right?
Caller: No sir. Your father is...
Me: *hangs up*

I wished that the next sentence was "Darth Vader". That would make the conversation much more interesting and much more awesome. But sadly, it wasn't.

Someone pinch, slap or kick me. Please tell me this is a fucking dream. It feels more like a nightmare. Much, much more.